EWIC Statement Regarding Guest Worker Program


The Essential Worker Immigration Coalition was formed to advocate for comprehensive immigration reform that includes secure borders, a pathway to lawful status for unauthorized immigrants, a fair, efficient and workable employment eligibility verification system and a guest worker program that responds to the future workforce needs of our economy. We greatly appreciate the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs holding a hearing on the border, the population living in the shadows and future flows.

We want to be clear that we believe it is imperative to create a guest worker program that responds to the future needs of the economy and avoids the mistakes made by previous reforms, which led to millions of undocumented workers entering the U.S. workforce. Creating a functional future flow program will strengthen border security and improve American productivity.

Immigration reform must include a mechanism for employers to get the workers they need when US workers are unavailable. There must be a realistic option for the flow of essential foreign workers who will be needed as our economy recovers.