What is Missing from the “Leaked” White House Immigration Bill?


What is Missing from the “Leaked” White House Immigration Bill?


The Essential Worker Immigration Coalition (EWIC) once again calls on the Administration to acknowledge the need to include a new worker program that addresses real economic and business needs.

A robust temporary worker program is an essential component of border security.  One of the fundamental flaws of the 1986 legislation was its failure to provide a legal channel for the workers our economy needs to enter this country in an orderly way.  A robust temporary worker program, tough legal safeguards to test the U.S. labor market and ensure that U.S. workers are not available and a flexible program cap that can adjust up or down to market needs over time, thereby taking pressure off the border is a rational and necessary solution.

EWIC is a broad-based coalition of national businesses and trade associations from across the industry spectrum concerned with the shortage of both semi-skilled and unskilled (“essential worker”) labor. EWIC supports policies that facilitate the employment of essential workers by U.S. companies that are unable to find American workers.