EWIC Supports the Legislation to Address DACA and TPS Immigrants


The Essential Worker Immigration Coalition (EWIC) was established as a voice to advance business-centric, balanced immigration reform to meet the needs of the American workforce and job creation.  As such, we write to express our long-standing views on business immigration and our concern for business and job creation in on-going policy debates.

As the federal courts address key questions of law impacting immigrant workers in Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and who hold Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival status (DACA) EWIC reiterates its support for a Legislative solution that provides a more permanent lawful status.   Hundreds of thousands of established, productive, immigrant workers in TPS and DACA status are contributing to our national economy, our communities and our industries. 

The imminent threat of more than 1 million combined TPS and DACA workers leaving the U.S. workforce will seriously hurt our ability to maintain and grow our businesses and provide additional jobs to the U.S. workers who benefit from the contributions made by these foreign-born workers.

Many of these TPS and DACA workers have been contributing to our economy for decades and have become valued and productive members of the U.S. workforce.  Going forward, a policy that recognizes their contribution to U.S. employers and the economy is urgently needed.

EWIC looks forward to continuing to work with all involved to find a balanced solution to the nation’s immigration policy problems and American workforce needs.