EWIC Supports Administration Efforts to Update Humanitarian Parole Program for Nationals From Certain Countries


The Biden administration’s announcement of the expansion of the humanitarian parole program initially begun for nationals of Venezuela, and which now also includes nationals from Haiti, Nicaragua, and Cuba, should help enhance the orderly and safe migration into the U.S. of these nationals, in the absence of action by Congress to address the situation. The updated program will provide up to 30,000 slots per month for nationals from these four countries. This is a significant development that we believe will provide additional supports to address the ongoing critical worker shortage across almost every U.S. industry.

The new proposed asylum rule, which will be vetted through public comment periods and agency review, is a welcome conversation as the nation struggles to address our broken immigration system and border security matters. We hope that this action by the administration also encourages action by Congress to address border and asylum issues, as well as address our broken and inadequate legal immigration system. Congress cannot allow these critical domestic policy concerns to continue to fester.

EWIC members continue to believe that a key component to successful reform of our nation’s failed immigration system is the creation of a visa program that meets the workforce needs of our economy, providing a legal way for U.S. employers to access workers to supplement their U.S. workforce when the economy needs them. We continue to support policies that facilitate the employment of essential workers by U.S. companies and organizations as well as practical efforts to combat illegal immigration. Current immigration law largely prevents the hiring of essential workers by most of the U.S. economic sectors. EWIC supports reform of U.S. immigration policy to facilitate a sustainable workforce for the American economy while ensuring our national security and economic prosperity.

We look forward to working with the 118th Congress to address our flawed and badly outdated immigration laws both at the border and through legal immigration reform.